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Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar, March 19-21, 2010

Day 2

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 Nicolai Levashov began the second day answering questions which had been asked during yesterdays performance. He sorted them out at home and chose only those, the answers to which could be of interest for the audience. He also said that he would answer todays questions tomorrow. Then he commented that the questions were very different: some asked to be healed and some suggested that he heal himself. "I have excellent health", Nicolai said. However, the work he performed for the brain transformation of the people on stage meant the artificial and quick elevation of their evolutionary level of development earning for them that which they would have had to take millennia to do. But when being done for several tens or hundreds of people simultaneously, the level of load appears notable even for him. Then Nicolai Levashov began to answer the questions.

1. Is a weak suggestibility an obstacle for the Spirits development?

No, it is not. The testing which I carry out at the beginning of every day of the seminar allows discovering those persons whose brain can be transformed relatively quickly. A light hypnosis used in the test is used only to quickly attune the audience to the necessary operating mode. The test itself lies in quite other things.

* * *

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 He also pointed out that one needed to be very careful not to fall for the tricks of some "teachers" who promised effortless and easy spiritual development. This is not how it happened in reality! In actual fact "teachers" of this kind are usually vampires which pitilessly suck energy from the trustful searchers for spirituality. A person evolves only when he consciously works over himself, when he overcomes himself and does his best to fight his ignorance, laziness, indolence, cunning and other "achievements" of our sick civilization. Nobody will give anybody anything on a silver platter! One has to work really hard in order to evolve quickly and efficiently! The more one works, the better and quicker the result he achieves. On one condition, certainly, the work should be carried out in the right direction which is described in the books and publications on Nicolai Levashovs site..

There are persons who can have the brain transformation done in several minutes! But this does not mean that they become magicians at once. Not at all! In fact they can do some things when there is a power support from the outside. However, they can do almost nothing by themselves, because they still do not know how. They should study a lot in order to learn and understand how that of which they became fortuitous possessors, works. First of all they should learn how use this gift without causing any harm to themselves, but doing good to others. Otherwise, a potentially reasoning person will remain potentially reasoning despite having an additional couple of "eyes" or "hands." Those men and women who got on stage and were lucky enough to stay on it during the whole performance-seminar got some kind of a credit which will unfold in the process of their spiritual growth, a real one, not that nonsense about which religious and other "spiritual" functionaries of every stripe repeat over and over again.

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 The world view of our ancestors had nothing to do with religion. The Russian word "VeRa" (Eng. Faith) meant Enlightening by Knowledge (literally to know Ra, a knowledge of highly evolved people) and not a blind and thoughtless acceptance of religious dogmas which lead to spiritual and corporal slavery, degradation and death! Today's so-called "neo-pagans" inflict a lot of harm on the Russian people trying to create a new religion basing it on that which they do not understand at all. However, their actions distract a great number of people from the study and analysis of the real information, trying to replace the real knowledge by the already useless olden ceremonies and their "neo-pagan" fables which have nothing to do with reality. In most cases they do this intentionally to execute the orders and plans of those who are mortally afraid of the renaissance of Russia and Russian people.

* * *

2. Is there a possibility of correcting errors made during ones life (abortion, etc.)?

A person on today's level of evolutionary development cannot correct this kind of error on his own, i.e. without external assistance. In order to do that one needs a much higher level of evolutionary development. A certain task on the correction and compensation of the consequences of this kind of error will be carried out during the healing sessions at the end of each day of the Seminar.

3. The question about people who do not eat food but feed on "pure energy" (breatharianism).

Now almost everyone knows that people are very, very different. There are people whose metabolism is very different from what the majority of people have. It does not mean that these persons reached the highest level of evolutionary development and learned to assimilate primary matters directly from space. In fact the majority of them are energy vampires, but they try not to make it publicly known for clear reasons.

4. The question about the kidnapping of people by aliens.

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 Yes, such cases do indeed take place. Aliens have kidnapped human beings and the latter have kidnapped aliens for studying and experimenting with for more than 50 years. However, in most cases it is not aliens but our local astral parasites which are on other material levels of our planet which do that, however, they do not kidnap physical bodies, but the spirit which leaves the physical body when a person falls asleep.

5. It is written in the Vedas that one should help those who deserve to be helped. How one can distinguish who deserves help and who does not?

In order to determine whether this very person deserves your help, you should try to study this person well and, which is more important, to study his or her deeds. Today many have learned to juggle words very skillfully, but it is very difficult to juggle actions. Therefore, it is easier to judge by what a person does, not says. Regrettably, today the majority of those who ask for help almost always do not deserve it.

6. Is it true that there is an underground sea under Moscow at a depth of 500 km?

Yes, it is true. The sea indeed exists, but at a much lesser depth.

7. What is the use of the Russian bath?

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 The Russian bath is a remarkable invention of our ancestors. In the past almost every homestead had a bath-house. Regrettably now this Russian tradition gradually disappears from our life. The benefit of the Russian bath is difficult to overestimate. The bath-house raises the temperature of the body artificially which kills a great number of pathogenic microorganisms without taking any antibiotics and other poisons. Also ordinary fresh garlic serves the same purpose. If you manage to eat it regularly (just a couple of times a week), you will have an excellent prophylaxis against many infections.

8. Is this true that cats are not natives of the Earth?

There is no certain information regarding cats. But the fact that modern people are not natives of the Earth is absolutely true! People of different races were brought to our planet at different times from a great number of planets of different civilizations of our Universe. You can find more detailed information about this in the 1st volume of my book Russia Viewed through Distorted Mirrors

9. What exercises you can advise to accelerate the self-evolving?

One of the exercises which may be used for practice in using your energy potential is the following: before you fall asleep relax in your bed and try to assemble an energy ball in the area of your solar plexus. Then you should mentally roll the ball on your body from the solar plexus to every finger of your hands and every toe of your feet, each time returning the ball back to the solar plexus. In the end you should immerse the energy ball into the solar plexus and spread the energy back all over the body. This exercise will teach you to concentrate on the necessary task, assemble your potential in the necessary place, maintain the assembled potential in the necessary form and control it and purify the energy channels (meridians).

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 Another useful exercise is the following: you need to attune yourself to the transmission of streams between the palms of your hands which you should put parallel to each other on a small distance. Try to feel the stream of energy which goes from one palm to another. Then you can strengthen or weaken the streams as you desire, create spectrum streams, change the direction of their movement, etc.

In the forest you can try to learn to attune and feel the potential of different trees. When you do that you can learn to distinguish a neutral, friendly or negative mood of different trees in relation to you. You can try to learn to distinguish the potential of living and lifeless wood, etc. You should train your sensitivity, avoid the stereotypes and understand everything that you do..

* * *

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 Then Nicolai began to work with people to continue the experiments which he carried out the first day answering the questions in between times. The music was on, the test was carried out again and people with their hands linked together went on stage. Nicolai came to everyone and helped to unlink hands at the same time starting the process of the brain transformation. Then he again created the indicator of the processa floral budat the palm of everyone on the stage. The dynamics of its blossoming showed the dynamics of the brain transformation processthe complete blossom of the bud indicated that the process was successfully over. Meanwhile Nicolai came back to answer the questions.

* * *

10. What level does the spirit reach after abortion?

After the artificial or natural interruption of the pregnancy the spirit goes back to a level lower than the one it came from depending on the value of the potential which it spent on making the physical body. If the spirit had a very high potential, it does not suffer significant damage. However, we should bear in mind that during the last centuries almost all spirits lost potential during incarnations in physical bodies on Earth instead of acquiring it. This is related to the fact that the parasitic system which the Dark Forces created on our planet was specially designed for this purpose. The system of upbringing, education, religion and so-called spiritual schools are aimed at blocking mans evolving and leading Mankind to degradation, slavery and death.

11. If you want to evolve people, why do you not teach us?

Different people understand the word "teaching" differently and therefore expect different results. Real teaching I understand to be the learning of some information and complete understanding of it. The information you have absorbed and understood becomes your knowledge. In order that people have the chance to know the real information, I write books and articles where I expound real information (and not the generally accepted one). There I give a real picture of the Universe and real natural laws. The rest depends on the person who studies this information.

Many would like to have simple mechanistic methods or clear step by step instructions: "If you do it like this you will get this." It is impossible to create a general instruction for evolutionary development. We all are very different. Even one and the same text is understood by different people differently, and often this understanding has very remote resemblance to what is written in the text. Therefore one should not just read but carefully study books and articles trying to understand everything. One person will succeed in doing this quickly; another will have to fill in some white spots in his or her education in order to understand the text.

* * *

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 By then the process of brain transformation for some volunteers on the stage was completed, and Nicolai began new experiments. He told them that after the planetary catastrophe 13 thousand years ago the volkhvs (Slavonic-Aryan magus) chose for their pupils those who had the necessary potential; and those on the stage would perfectly do for volkhvs pupils. Then several potential volkhvs were introduced into a "state of rock" when the physical body is "braided" with streams of primary matters in a certain way, which protects it from mechanical damage. After that Nicolai knocked on the created "rocks" (the "knocks" were quite serious) and gave some spectators the chance to do the same. The sound was quite impressivenot like the one when you knock on a human body, but rather when you knock thick wood. Then Nicolai switched this state off and then switched it on and again switched off. Then he offered to all who memorized the feelings of becoming a "rock" to enter into this state on their own. Almost everybody succeeded in this, although with different degrees of rigidity. Some spectators again went up to the stage and inflicted blows on the "rocks" which in ordinary state would knock them down. But the "rocks" remained unharmed. Nicolai explained that that was how the elite of the ancient Ruses, the Russian vitiaz (knights), was trained. They could not be killed by "either sword or arrow." This method allowed them to defend their physical body using the energy (primary matters) of the surrounding space, instead of their own potential.

* * *

12. How a psi-generator can be created?

A psi-generator can be created very easily, if you know what and how should be done.

* * *
After that Nicolai created a generator on his hand and showed it to the audience. Certainly, the majority of people could not see it, but some people with the transformed brain said that that they saw a device on Nicolais hand. One gentleman said that he saw a "small object, half-round and half-square." The other said that when Nicolai activated the generator, he saw that the streams of primary matters which the generator influenced changed.

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 By that time more people on the stage had their process of brain transformation (the flower buds had blossomed fully) completed and Nicolai started working with the potential "magus." He asked them to attune to seeing their brain and then other internal organs and later to set the task to see the skeleton through transparent tissues of the body. Some "magus" succeeded in doing this quickly enough. Surprised, they began to tell about new and unusual impression of what they felt and saw.

* * *

13. How does the strawberry take water from the frozen soil in winter?

The answer to this question was given in the series "The Source of Life," where I explained that when the next correction was introduced into the work of the psi-generator, the plants started synthesizing water on their own. It was done as a forced measure for surviving during the protracted drought but appeared very useful for winter too when the water in the soil is frozen. Therefore the strawberry in our French estate fully and successfully ripens both under snow at -20 and in the hottest summer. At the same time it achieves impressive size and tastes wonderful. This will be described in the next article which is now prepared for publication. If one has the necessary knowledge and understands the sense well, he or she can do any "wonder" which seems to be such only for those who know little.

14. Svetlana Levashova describes in her book Revelation that Maria Magdalena showed her pupils a hologram of the planetary system. Is it possible to do the same here?

Only Marias gifted students who had the ability to see other material levels of reality could see the educational hologram. Then everything was just as we have it now: here there are people on the stage that also can see other levels of reality. And they see that which others cannot see: the internal organs, the bones of the skeleton, the damaged tissues. They can increase or diminish what they see as they wish, see any detail of the "image" and do a lot of other things. In fact it is possible to reproduce any image of this kind on the physical level but it is not the purpose of our meeting.

* * *

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 The next experiment consisted of the creation of several clones of a person on other levels of reality and in finding the one which possessed the physical body. Nicolai chose two young ladies as "clairvoyants" and a gentleman as a "guinea-pig." Nicolai created several clones of the fellow and asked one lady to define which of them the real one was. She confidently pointed to the real man and in time answered the questions, what, in her opinion, the clones lacked: f irst they did not move; then they lacked sparks in the eyes; then a soul, then the silver thread. Every time Nicolai added the necessary "detail", changed the clones place and asked her to find the "original" which the lady successfully did. She also said that something always happened inside the real person: the intestines work, the heart beats, the brain moves and others were just like living dolls. In the end the lady said that "the real Arkadiy (the name of the gentleman) is created by the Creator and all the doubles by you." The most interesting thing here is not that the lady all the time found the real Arkadiy, but that the numerous (8 to 12) human clones which looked very like the original were indeed created, and the lady had to exert a certain effort to find the real person. Then the second young lady became "multiplied" and Arkadiy became a "clairvoyant." He also saw several very real clones and told about differences between them and the real lady which Nicolai consecutively eliminated.

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 After that Nicolai conducted a healing session which also included the liberation from mental blocks and the correction of the consequences of abortions. He explained that he understood mental blocks to be different mental programs which were introduced in people without their knowledge by religions, special services, different propaganda and advertising. These blocks limit people in evolving and using their potential for their own sake. He also added that his healing sessions work with that problem to the correction of which a person attuned himself. If you did not want to correct anything, you just should not attune to the session.

* * *

15. We ask you to create a psi-generator which would free the Russians from alcoholism, smoking, narcotics and problem gambling. An enormous mass of people would wake up.

It is possible to force a person to do something against his will. But would that be any good for the person? If we start waking people up using psi-generators, although "good" ones, people will turn into bio-robots. Yes, they will not drink and smoke, use drugs and thoughtlessly spend their priceless life-time. However, they will be bio-robots. They will be "good", disciplined bio-robotsguided creatures. The bad thing here is that these people will not evolve. They will not understand what they do and what they do not do. If someone switches off the psi-generator, they will start doing everything the old way. Do we really want that? No, we want another result. We aim to wake up people from the sleep of mind into which they were submerged by similar, "bad," psi-generators and other technical and mental devices. We want people to wake up and give up all these ugly things consciously, fully understanding who imposed all this on us in the past and why. We want people to start behaving like People again and not like trained reasoning animals. We want people to know what they should know and fully understand what they know. In this case neither generators, nor grey, black and other parasites can hold sway over us.

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 Many members of our Movement gave up bad habits on their own without generators, encoding and other methods. When a person attunes to another way of perception of the world and another mode of understanding and work, then he consciously transforms and reconstructs himself and evolves by his own will, which is the most important thing to which we aspire conscious evolution! This is the only possible way to reach a high level of evolutionary development, the level of creator. The bio-robots are incapable of this, because today they are controlled by one program and tomorrow they will be controlled by another, quite the opposite one, and they will perform any command with the same obedience feeling neither shame nor remorse, nothing human. Surely, nothing good will ever come of it.

By the way, it was not death that was the most frightful thing for our ancestors, but treachery and the loss of conscience. They were not afraid of death, because they knew that if they died honourably defending their Motherland and people, they would be incarnated again and continue their development as honest and free people. The also knew that treason and other mean actions would block their further development in many subsequent embodiments for many thousands of years. Our ancestors knew that very well and therefore treachery was worse than death for them.

16. Some people want to give up, but cannot.

It is not quite right. If a person indeed wants something, he will get it. He will spare no effort, spend the time he should, take necessary actions and get what he wants in the end. But there are people who want to get something without any effort. They would not object, if someone released them from bad habits which kill them, but do not want to strain themselves. I feel pity for such people, but there is no sense in helping them. People, especially those who know little, never really appreciate that, which they get without any effort on their part, for free. They begin to think that they have the right to all that, that everyone is obliged to give them everything they want, that they are of great value if someone fusses around them. In other words, they became insolent. This kind of conduct is incidental to almost all ignoramuses and it is very difficult to explain anything to them. Therefore, as a rule, they get the possibility to work out all their problems: if they want to give up they do that; if they do not want or understand, they do not give up. A person can only be called Homo sapiens, if he can control his instincts and emotions, live up to Reason and place Conscience and Honour before anything else!

17. Create something real for the audience, a rose, for example.

Nicolai Levashov's performance-seminar. Moscow, March 19-21, 2010 I answered this kind of question many times, but I will say it again. It is expedient to spend your abilities and energy only on those actions which are necessary indeed. And what can a suddenly appeared rose give to the audience? Nothing! Half of them will think that this is hypnosis; the other half will think that it is hallucination. And that will be all! Will it give you the understanding of how this action was accomplished? It will not! Will it help you to know something important and necessary for your personal evolutionary development? It will not! Will it wake up you from the sleep of mind and teach you something useful? It will not! Will it make all of you honest and noble people who live according to their sense of fairness? Again, it will not!

Then why do you need this miracle?

Ill tell you why. The Church has accustomed us to the idea that he that performed miracles is a god and all should believe in him! However, those who need thoughtless, fanatic faith use it for the deception and robbery of their believers. All religions are based on that. A Reasoning Man does not need blind faith, but knowledge and understanding of what he knows. These are opposing things! Neither circus, nor focuses will help him cognize anything. In order to acquire knowledge, one should do a lot of work: read, learn, analyze, think over, compare, check and learn again. No roses or lotuses have anything to do with that. One has to stir the brain intensely instead of waiting for a miracle, secretly hoping that a "good magician" will come and solve all your problems. This is a direct way to parasitism and degradation.